Testing Today for a Safer Tomorrow

Free STD testing and treatment for Marshall and Harrison County

The Marshall-Harrison County Health District is a walk-in clinic that provides free STD testing and treatment.

By getting tested regularly, you can quickly identify and treat STDs. Detecting STDs early makes them easier to treat and helps prevent spreading them.

Stop the spread of STDs within your community by taking charge of your sexual health.

STDs We Test:

  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • Syphilis
  • HIV

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Get Tested Fast

1. Give Us A Call

No need to schedule an appointment. Just call ahead and let us know you’re coming.

2. Take A Blood & Urine Test

Get results within 10 days.

3. Get Treatment

If you’ve been exposed to an STD, treatment is available at no charge.

How to Stop the Spread of STDs

Practice Abstinence

Not having sex is the most reliable way not to contract or transmit STDs.

Use Condoms

Condoms are highly effective in stopping STD transmission. We provide free condoms to anyone.

Mutual Monogamy

Being sexually active with only one person is a reliable way to avoid STDs.

Get Vaccinated

Vaccines like hepatitis B and HPV are proven to help prevent the spread of STDs.

Talk to Your Partner

Be open with your partner about your sexual history so you can both stay safe.

Get STD Testing

STDs don’t always have symptoms. Testing is crucial to prevent its spread.


Benefits of STD Testing

  • Early Detection and Treatment: Early detection finds STDs before they progress and cause serious health issues. Early treatment prevents health complications.
  • Protects You and Your Partner: By knowing your STD status, you’re able to protect yourself and your partner from STD transmission.
  • Prevents Lifelong Health Issues: Often, untreated STDs cause severe health issues, such as infertility, pelvic inflammatory disease, chronic pain, cancer, and more.

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Free Pregnancy Tests

Do you believe you may be pregnant? We provide urine pregnancy tests. We also give you a “proof of pregnancy” form. Visit our walk-in clinic anytime.

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