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WIC information

WIC provides nutrition programs for pregnant or breastfeeding women with children younger than 5.

Texas COVID-19 Surveillance

See the latest updates on COVID-19 in Texas

more about Sexually Transmitted Diseases

See the CDC’s best recommendations

    • Get STD Testing: STDs don’t always have symptoms. Testing is crucial to prevent its spread.
    • Practice Abstinence: Not having sex is the most reliable way not to contract or transmit STDs.
    • Talk to Your Partner: Be open with your partner about your sexual history so you can both stay safe.
    • Use Condoms: Condoms are highly effective in stopping STD transmission. We provide free condoms to anyone.
    • Mutual Monogamy: Being sexually active with only one person is a reliable way to avoid STDs.
    • Get Vaccinated: Vaccines like hepatitis B and HPV are proven to help prevent the spread of STDs.

Disease Reporting for Providers

Report diseases in Harrison County here

CDC’s Recommended Adult Schedule

Adult Immunization Schedule – Healthcare Providers | CDC

CDC’s Recommended Child and Adolescent Vaccine Schedule

Birth to 6 Years Old
7-18 Years Old